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Friday, June 23, 2000

Anoooo.... hi! This is just a test. It is only a test. I mean, heck, I wanna see how pretty my blogger is going to be before I do it for real, know what I mean? Hmmm.... I suppose I should ramble on and on about something, ne? Well, I'm good at that. Let me think... Oh! I got my pretty cloak today! Totemo kawaii! ^.^ I'm going to have to wear it to the mall later and ask all the clerks if they have Nads. Mwahahaa... Ahh!! Spider! Save me, demon red boy! Ahhh!!!

Yeah, I'm a psycho. I'm the role model for Ray Lightfoot. ^_^ Ray is my hero. But he's not the main character kind of guy, so he just sorta shows up from time to time for cameos. =P Kaelin is the main character, and she's a drunken redhead. And there's nudity! Okay, time to get this piece started.
~~~6/23/2000 9:03:15 PM

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