teeheehee, now for a bit about this site. ^^ it was established back around february or march, when i first became interested in amature voice acting. i didn't bother expanding the site much, as i didn't plan on becoming one of the big names in the va community [like michiru, alania... all the people that i admire for their immense talent at everything they do--which is pretty much everything. ^^]... i just wanted to have a little fun, to try my hand at being an anime character *wink*, and to meet a few people. alas, i've not really met many lasting friendships through vaing--although those i have met are some of the nicest people around. ^^

so, there aren't many roles here. i haven't tried out for many. ^^;; that's okay. you can enjoy what i have, and if you really love me, you can ask me to try out for your production. i won't mind one bit. ^^ just note that i am a female. -__-;;; it annoys me when people think i'm a guy and ask for me to va for them as like, mamoru or tamahome... yes, it's happened before. ^^;;

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